Welcome to Example Federation

Dianne TuckettFederation Chairman

Welcome to the Lincolnshire North Federation of WIs.

The Federation is made up of 86 WIs that range from Skegness on the east coast to Lea in the west. Grasby in the north and Friskney in the south. These WIs will vary as widely in the make up of their members  as  they do in location.

Each WI holds a monthly meeting and receives  a copy of the free monthly magazine called WI News. This will tell you what is happening within the Federation and what events are planned for the future. It is also possible to visit other WIs as well as being a member of your own.

Your WI will be part of a Group consisting of several WIs from your local area and this group will have 2 meetings a year and will organise other events.

There are many opportunities to learn new skills, visit interesting places and above all, make new friends.
I hope to visit as many WIs as possible throughout the year, and  I look forward to meeting you all.

With best wishes
Chris Morgan